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Capacity Range :
  Material Maximum Weight Alloys
ALUMINIUM 8 Kgs. Medium & High Strength Alloys Confirming to British 1472, DIN 1749 & ASTM (B-247) standards.
COPPER 15 Kgs. High Conductivity Coppers, Electrolytic Copper and Brasses.
STEEL 5 Kgs. Carbon Steel, En Series, SAE and DIN Specifications.

Aluminium Forgings : The material we use the most for forging is Aluminium a modern material for modern solutions for today and tomorrow.

Aluminium drop forged pieces will always offer the most economic solution when, in addition to light weight, such factors as strength, appearance and recycling potential are also important. We specialize in aluminium drop forged pieces. We can employ any aluminium allow (ex - HE12, HE15, HE30, 6061, 6063 and others) according to the demands of the individual assignment. We carry out production in small, medium and large batch quantities with an individual weight of upto 5 kilograms. We do closed die forgings using the most modern Friction Screw Presses and Drop Hammers.

Copper Forgings : We forge Electrolytic Copper which is generally used in Electrical and Switchgear Industry. We supply fully machined copper forgings. We are also able to supply these components in different surface finishes. We manufacture copper forgings ranging from 200 Grams to upto 15 Kilograms.

Machined Components : We not only forge aluminium and copper forgings but also offer a comprehensive processing service. By using complex CNC systems and special machines, we offer a top quality finished machined component to our clients. We undertake very complex machining and plating processes for various forged components. If the customer wishes, we can also provide appropriate surface processing procedures and assemble our forged parts into components and sections that are ready for installations or assemblies.

Steel Forgings : Aress High Duty Forgings P Limited currently undertakes Steel Forgings in the sizes between 200grams and 5 Kilograms. We do closed die forgings in different Alloy Steels and also Carbon Steel. We can also manufacture Stainless Steel forgings. We can supply these forgings in fully heat-treated and machined conditions as well.


Depending upon the shape, precision & type - forgings are produced under Hammer & Press for closed die blocker type & precision forgings respectively.

We can undertake small batches of Close Die Forgings in Ferrous and Non Ferrous metals with very short lead times for development of tools and dies. All Forgings are supplied in the required Heat Treated Condition. Machining and Finishing operations can also be carried out and forgings supplied in the ready to use/assemble condition.

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