What is Aluminum Forging?

Often, in building, construction or product design it is necessary to have incredibly strong, yet lightweight metals. This is especially true at points in the structure where safety and performance are of highest priority, such as areas of high stress. The aluminum forging process is used to increase the strength of the material.

Aress High Duty Forging Has Been Delivering High Quality Forging Products Since 1989

Forging is the strengthening of metals through heating the material and subjecting it to opposing forces, such as a hammer or press. Located about 150 km outside of Mumbai, Aress uses top-of-the-line modern equipment, materials and processes to consistently provide the highest quality forging services and products to our customers. We utilize several aluminum forging processes depending on the needs of the project. A few common kinds are as follows: Open Die, or Hand Forgings, is when the forging is done by an operator, such as a blacksmith. Impression Die or Precision Forgings is where the metal is put on a mold and upon impact more consistently takes on the shape of the mold. Press Forgings create a uniform sheet by applying equal pressure from both sides. Roll Forging is where bar stock is placed between die rollers. Swaging is where a tube is placed between a die to reduce the diameter and Net Shape Forging which is a process aimed at eliminating metal waste through precision angles.

Aluminium is the most popular forged material, due to its affordability, strength and recyclability, and we are consistently delivering top-quality forging services for a range of different industries.

Quality is the Driving Characteristic Behind All Aspects of Aress High Duty Forging

If you are looking for forge and finishing services, Aress is here for you. Specializing in aluminium and copper forgings, we guarantee the quality of our services. If you have a project and are wondering what aluminum forging process is required or simply looking for more information, contact us through our online form of by email atsales@indiaforging.com

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