Aluminum Forgings Products And Specifications

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As a world-class manufacturer and supplier of aluminum forging products, the team at Aress High Duty Forgings has the experience and expertise to work to any national or international standards and requirements. This includes both working with all types of aluminum alloys, including medium to high strength as well as specialty types of alloys.

We routinely work with customers and companies throughout India, as well as across the globe, that require full conformation with ASTM B-247, British 1472, as well as DIN 1749 standards for the products we manufacture. This experience with the standards ensures that all orders for aluminum forging products manufactured in our facility have the quality control, consistency, and meet all testing requirements within those specific standards.

The Importance Of Meeting Standards

From our perspective, the ability to work within international standards with the aluminum forgings produced at Aress High Duty Forgings means a commitment to the success of our customers. Knowing each part with every order is delivered exactly as ordered allows our customers to plan their fabrication, pricing, and marketing of their end products with full assurance.

Aress High Duty Forgings is committed to ongoing quality control measures, and we are proud to be ISO 9001:2015 certified company. This focus on a consistent and ongoing quality control practice throughout the forging process eliminates waste, increases efficiency, and allows us to meet our on time delivery schedule for both small orders as well as large volume orders for the most exacting types of aluminum forging products.

For more information on our quality control and our commitment to working to the standards required by our customers, call us today at +91-98817-01007 / +91-99121-11004

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