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Forging is a special kind of manufacturing process where the pounded, pressed or squeezed to turn them into something better, and Indiaforging has no competition in this in the market! We perform this transformation with such precision that people have chosen to trust us over decades and generation. Our customer base is not only limited to the boundaries of the country but is also spread out to overseas. We are an ISO 9001:2015 company and have been making a mark with our brand name across territories for years now. Hailed as one of the best aluminium forging suppliers, we ensure different kinds of testing methods for ensuring the delivery of top quality products always.

Different Ways of Forging

One of the main features of our corporate philosophy is that we always try to keep up to the customer’s expectation. We adopt the following ways to excel in forging:

1. Open-Die Forging - Open die presses are suitable for processing big pieces of aluminium. Heavy-weight and lengthy blocks can be open-died to forge large aluminium components. Indiaforging has always been considered as one of the best aluminium forging suppliers for we do the welding and joining techniques with utmost care and concern. However, open-die forgings have its own limitations due to its size issue.

2. Closed-Die Forging - Commonly known as impression-die forging, close-die forging does not have any barrier of shape or weight. Justifying the name, two dies with impressions are compressed together for the forging stock to undergo a massive plastic transformation. Since the metal flow is restricted by the dies, the team at this best aluminium forging suppliers’ company produce way more complex shapes and sizes.

You will be glad to know that our products go easy on your pocket but maintains its quality at the same time. Call or email the best of our professionals to know more about the ways of forging aluminium products.

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