Trends Affecting Aluminum Forgings Manufacturers

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Trends Affecting Aluminum Forging Manufacturers
The Indian forging industry remains one of the largest impetus and driving forces behind India’s economic growth. Globally, aluminum forgings manufacturers and those who focus on other metals retain strong and growing market shares. According to some statistics, the overall growth projection for the forging industry is to continue with an estimated value of USD 20 BN by 2025.

Fueling the growth are several factors - those in the marketplace, resource availability, infrastructure growth, and government investment. Among the current trends affecting the aluminum forging market are:

The demand for lightweight material:
The automotive and aircraft industries are looking for lightweight materials for their components. Forged components are commonly found at points of stress and shock. Pistons, gears and wheel spindles in high performance automobiles and aircraft are often made from forged aluminum. Aluminum is one of the lightest and easiest forged materials currently available

Durability and strength:
While demanding the material be light, industries are also increasingly asking it to be as durable and strong as it’s light weight

By reducing costs elsewhere, aluminum forging is becoming more affordable than other methods of fabrication

Increased markets:
The automotive and aerospace markets are in a growth pattern in and beyond India. Demands for lightweight, high-quality, and strong components are also being requested from defense companies. and in such growing markets as the solar, railways, metro railways and wind industrial manufacturing sector

These factors combine with local aspects such as improving infrastructure, low fuel rates, low-interest rates, government support (Made in India campaign), expanding markets and problematic steel prices are ensuring continuing growth in aluminum forging.

Aluminum Forgings Manufacturers: A Growing Future
Aluminum forging is part of a growing trend in certain sectors of manufacturing toward lightweight components. Companies are also demanding the parts be affordable high-quality, durable, and strong. Aress High Duty Forgings is there to guide you through the process. Our team of experienced professionals works with you to ensure you understand the ability of aluminum forging manufacturers to produce the product your business requires to be successful.

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